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Vastu of Entrance affects different aspects of the residents' lives. It should be carefully placed in the map of the property and the interiors, including the colours, textures, positioning of furniture, etc. should be as per vastu norms since it can impact the lives of the residents for the better or worse. An experienced architect and an experienced Vastu Expert should be consulted together for maximum results.


There are consequences of the entrance in the architectural map or the consequent vastu zone in which the entrance falls. The position will largely impact which sphere of life or which aspect of life will be largely affected either positively or negatively. Scroll down to see general vastu tips and guidelines that you can follow for free!

Vastu Tips for Entrance

Following are some general Vastu Shastra tips, guidelines and advices that one can follow for free and see better results in the lives of the residents of the property. Please note that without proper vastu consultation, maximum results cannot be achieved. However, positive changes can be seen unless in case of other Vastu Doshas present in a property.


1. Entrace of the premises should be wider, pleasent, clean and full of positivity.

2. No blockage like heavy stuff, garbage, electric pole, transformer etc should be there just at the entrance.

3. Always choose the goid entrace as per personal birth charts of the users.

4. Keeping swastik, urli, healthy plants or water bodies are auspicious at the entrance.

5. Entrance of the premis should be airy and with calm  light effects.

6. It should not be kept dark.

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Please note that the correct Vastu positioning or layout of a house can be judged only after seeing the floor map along with the correct directions. Above mentioned are general vastu tips and guidelines that are not to be misunderstood as 100% correct vastu of a property because other factors such as directions and layout also come into picture when we provide Vastu Treatment. Such factors can positively or negatively influence the vastu of a property. Hence, above guidelines do not guarantee that the vastu of the property will be 100% correct. Same applies for other tips and guidelines across We recommend visiting us in Chandigarh Office or Panchkula Office for a proper consultation.

Vastu Doshas can of many types.

1. Some Vastu Doshas / mistakes can be present in the layout of the property.

2. Some Vastu Doshas / mistakes can be present in the interiors of the property in form of colours, textures or shapes.

3. Some Vastu Doshas / mistakes can be present in the exterior of the property in form of sewerage, transformers and so on.

4. Some Vastu Doshas / mistakes can be present in the form of weight that falls in zones where weight shouldn't be there.

5. There are other forms of Vastu Doshas also that are present in residential as well as commercial properties.

In order to achieve maximum benefit and see greater positive results, it is important that the property is checked by an experienced Vastu Shastri through the layout plan, interiors and exteriors. Every property is different. Every zone is to be checked thoroughly and doshas need to be treated. Changes need to be noted by the residents and conveyed the Vastu-Shastri so that further steps can be taken. Changes whether positive or negative are to be conveyed timely. Every observed change helps to ensure that the next steps taken during the treatment are correct and fruitful. We operate from our Chandigarh and Panchkula branch with clients from all over the country and overseas.

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Following are the sixteen vastu zones that exist in each house or home that need to be checked thoroughly. Each zone represents different aspects of life. North, North of North East, North East, East of North East, East, East of South East, South East, South of South East, South, South of South West, South West, West of South West, West, West of North West, North West and North of North West are the sixteen zones that exist in each property be it residential or commercial. Each zone is capable of impacting the life of residents or occupants for the better or worse. Al zones sum up all the aspects of one's life. Each zone is to be checked thoroughly for Vastu Doshas and corrective action is needed to see positive changes. In case one's life is going smooth, we recommend not changing anything in the vastu of the property. Minor issues exist in everybody's lives. Good vastu should not be changed just for the sake of it.

Vastu Zones Chandigarh_3x.png

Every property be it a plot, residential house, commercial plot, factory, shed is checked thoroughly by us. Vastu Shastra aspects are given due consideration in every visit or every consultation. The floor map is a must for any Vastu Consultation. We avoid providing vastu consultation or solutions or remedies without an architectural floor plan or a layout plan made by an architect. In case it is not available, we send local architects to the client's property so that the map can be prepared and duly treated. The fees of an architect in such a case is extremely nominal and in some cases, covered in the Vastu Consultation fee charged by us.

You can book a consultation with Vastu Shastri Aarushi Gupta at our office in Chandigarh or Panchkula. Appointment can be booked by calling us at +91 9872902605. We recommend visiting us before organising a visit to the property by us.

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