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1 Hour Consultation with Aarushi Gupta

- Online or Face-to-Face
- 60 Minute Consultation
- Astro Remedies & Solutions Included
- Vastu Treatment not included
- Remedies given in written
- No Question Limit
- Friendly & Polite Consultation

Rs. 5100

All Astrology / Kundli Consultations with Aarushi Ma'am follow the following principles:

1. Comfort: The client has to be made comfortable in online as well as face to face consultations. It is not easy to share things about your life with a stranger even if it is an astrologer. We understand this. Aarushi maam makes sure that the client is made comfortable. She is always smiling when you meet her. Most of the clients love the positive vibe they get from her, especially when taking the consultation in person, that is, at our office in Panchkula Chandigarh.

2. Transparency: We are strongly against the policy of providing false hopes. Aarushi maam is completely transparent during the astro consultations, while still being empathetic.

3. Unlimited Questions: Though we charge for consultations like any other professional astrologer, we refrain from monetising our knowledge too much. There is no limit to the number of questions. Feel free to ask whatever you want when you visit us in Panchkula or Chandigarh. You can ask the same question 1,2,5 or 10 times. You can clear all your doubts. You can feel comfortable with Aarushi maam during the consultation.

4. No Hidden costs: All astro remedies are included in the cost of consultation. You do not have to pay anything extra after the consultation to get astro remedies. Astrological remedies are completely included in the consultation. This applies to online consultations as well as face to face consultations at our office in Panchkula. They will be provided verbally and in written too if required (without any extra cost). However, vastu remedies are not included. During the consultation, if Aarushi maam feels that vastu treatment will give a better, quicker result, it will be recommended (Vastu treatment is much more expensive than a kundli analysis / birth chart consultation) However, there is no compulsion. You can choose to stick to the astrological remedies and solution. You will still be getting astrological remedies and solutions in any case.

5. Politeness: We completely understand that half the time, you might actually be stressed, overwhelmed or irritated by problems that you might be facing in your life due to which you might be seeking the consultation. Aarushi maam is always polite, patient and friendly during all consultations. You can feel the friendliness on call as well as in in-person consultations at our office in Panchkula.

Astrology Consultation / Birth Chart Consultation

will be possible only if you know your


Alternatively, you can get Palm-Reading done. In case of online consultation, send pictures of both your hands while making sure that the lines are clear. (Click pictures in a bright but not so bright environment. In case of face-to-face consultation, simply book an appointment and come to the office.


Simply call us at +91 9872902605 to book an appointment with Aarushi Gupta to meet her at the office in Panchkula or Chandigarh. No Advance Payment required to book an appointment.

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More than 2400 Year Old Science

Astrology is an ancient science used by our ancestors to predict future mishappenings and misfortunes and take corrective action.
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How Date, Place and Time of Birth Impacts you

The date, place and time of birth helps an astrologer understand where the planets of our solar system were located at the time and place of your birth.

What will be discussed?

Is there a limit of questions?

There is not limit to the number of questions that you can ask during the online or offline consultation (in Panchkula / Chandigarh). There is no rigidity with regard to the time limit also. The astrology consultation won't be stopped if the 60 minutes are over but you still have questions or doubts left. However, it cannot last for an unreasonable amount of time too. We reserve rights to end the consultation if we feel that it is being extended unreasonably or unnecessarily.
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Each Consultation gives me immense pleasure when I am able to dive into the person's life and help him or her.

- Aarushi Gupta

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