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It is well known that without basic studies, academics and further specialised knowledge, it becomes really difficult to do well in life. This might not be true in all cases but this applies to the lives of majority citizens of a country. Academics are important. How well a child or a person does in his or her school, higher school, college and university largely influencers the life of the person.



With the correct implementation of Vastu principles, academics can be kept strong. It is not just about the numbers but also about the important of education and knowledge. Whatever is taught in educational institutions should not be just for the sake of scoring good marks. Hence, when we talk to our clients in Chandigarh about their children's academics, we do not just mean their academic scores but also whether they are able to grasp what is being taught or not, whether they are able to understand and use the knowledge in their life to make their lives better. There are certain zones in every home that are responsible for academic and professional growth. They are to be checked if a child or a person faces a hard time with his or her academics.


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The Vastu Zone(s) that are responsible for Academic growth in a home are:


Following are the sixteen vastu zones that exist in each property. For maximum benefits in all aspects of life, all 16 vastu zones need to be checked thoroughly. Each zone represents different aspects of life.

Vastu Zones Chandigarh_3x.png
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