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A lot of people have a lot of questions about Astrology. Most of them are related to the common perceptions we have about Jyotish. There are a lot of myths and a lot of misconceptions. We've attempted to cover all of them. In case any query or question is left un-answered, feel free to give us a call!


1. How does vastu shastra work?

Vastu works by channeling all the 5 elements (water, air, fire, earth and space) within the provided space such that there is clarity in mind for the fulfilment of basic needs and higher goals.

2. Is vastu possible without demolition (tod-fod)?
Yes, majority of vastu remedies are possible without demolition or tod-fod. However, there are a few circumstances we at Tathaastoo Chandigarh Panchkula recommend only demolition because although treatment reduces the severity of problem but the problem can still be threatening. That being said, majority of vastu dosh are treated without demolition.

3. I am living in a rented accommodation. Do I need Vastu?
Spending on a rented property might seem useless. However, sometimes we are left with no choice but to get treatment because even if it is a rented property, it affects all aspects of your life. Vastu effects are regardless of whether you own the property or not. Vastu of a property will affect the inhabitants. Treatment of Vastu Dosh stays the same whether the property is self-owned or rented.

4. The same property has shown very good results to the previous residents. Why does it seem unlucky to me after I bought it and shifted?
While Vastu Shastra's fundamental rules are same for each person and each property, it can have slightly different results on different people. The reason behind this is differences in the planetary positions in each person's birth chart. Hence, good vastu for a family might differ from the vastu that is great for another family while the basic fundamental rules of Vastu remain the same. This is known as Astro-Vastu which we apply to each Vastu case for all our clients in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali and other regions across India.

5. I am buying a new flat. It has been told by the builder that it is "Vastu-Friendly" Is it safe to believe it?
It is always safer to get the property checked by an experienced Vastu Specialist from your region.

6. Does Vastu treatment mean that there won't be any problems in life forever?
Absolutely not. Life is full of ups and downs. Everything cannot stay good or bad forever. However, good vastu gives lifelong results. It can be highly rewarding. It takes care of the residents' health, wealth and harmony. It also gives the strength to fight difficult times. Consider the example of a very developed country. While the residents enjoy better infrastructure, facilities, lesser tax, and so on, there can still be calamities or difficult times in the economy but the government still takes care of things.

7. Why it is costly to do ?
It is costly because detailed work is done. It is extremely calculative and scientific. If it is done without precision, results will suffer. Hence, it is important that we spend a lot of time, go slow, and go in depth in each project since it affects all aspects of the resident's life in the long run. We like to follow this ethical practice at our offices in Chandigarh and Panchkula.

8. We are thinking of getting Vastu Treatment for our properties. Should we get treatment done for our home or factory / shop first?
It is recommended that the residential property is checked first.

9. What is the difference between Vastu and Astro-Vastu ?
They are complementary to each other and have to be applied step by step.

10. Which type of remedies are required for vastu treatment?
We use 2d, 3d remedies. In many cases, moving around the existing things in the house also does wonders. For example, if the temple of a house is in the wrong zone, simply moving it to the right zone is bound to show great results in the lives of all the residents of the house. Apart from that, lights, colours, metals in specific shapes are used to get desirable results.

11. How much time does the whole treatment take and when can we expect the result?

It differs in each case. On an average, treatment is done in 3 to 4 steps within the time span of 3 months approximately. We have seen some clients get results within 2 hours of treatment while some get results little-by-little in 3-4 months. It depends upon the problem and the imbalanced energy level of the place. We never guarantee the time that the results will take since each property is different. It will be unethical to guarantee a time frame.

12. Is there any gaurantee for the results ?
Just like doctors, we cannot guarantee results because the application of treatment is not in our hands but in the hands of the client but we can guarantee that we honestly put in our efforts. We are determined to having more and more happy clients that see change in their lives.

13. Which type of problems can be treated with vastu ?
Vastu and astrology together can do wonders in improving lives with respect to health, money, relationships, marriage, kids, legal issues, property issues, conflicts, and so on.

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