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Marriage is a very important part of the lives of the people of Chandigarh, Panchkula and of course, the entire world. Vastu can make or destroy and better or worsen any married life. An unhealthy married life translates to sadness, feeling of guilt, feeling of unworthiness, insecurities and depression. One of the most important relations we have in lives after the relations with out parents is the relationship we have with our spouse. It is important that it is kept healthy.

Indian Marriage with Vastu Principles from Panchkula.jpg


With the correct implementation of Vastu principles, married life can be a bliss. We have some people coming to us in Chandigarh and Panchkula who are struggling because their marriage or their sons' or daughters' marriage is being delayed from a long time. There are also clients from outside tricity that complain of a bad married life. They complain about fights, unnecessary arguments and insecurities along with extreme horrible conditions like verbal or physical abuse. With the help of a vastu expert, the zones that are responsible for marriage and quality of married life can be kept healthy and free from Vastu Dosha.


Following are the sixteen vastu zones that exist in each property that need to be checked thoroughly. Each zone represents different aspects of life.

Vastu Zones Chandigarh_3x.png
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