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Vastu for factory can be extremely simply and extremely complicated at the same time. It all depends on the factory arrangements, extent of factory, pieces of land acquired for production purposes, shape of plot, shape of shed, colour of shed, and so on. No matter how complicated it gets, it is still a necessity for a factory owner. It also affects the livelihood of workers. Good factory vastu helps in keeping the production smooth, sales high and workers happy. Surprisingly, it helps avoid strikes too. It can help with legal matters as well.

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Commercial Vastu is different than Residential Vastu. Its treatment is way different. However, the fundamentals remain the same. All zones need to be checked. Entries need to be checked and accordingly opened or blocked. Commercial Vastu directly impacts the financials of the owners. There is a lot of responsibility in working on a commercial property's project. Hence, the charges can also be higher as compared to Residential Vastu.


Following are the sixteen vastu zones that exist in each factory that need to be checked thoroughly. Each zone represents different aspects of life.

Vastu Zones Chandigarh_3x.png
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