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Understanding Astrology - Part 1

Understanding the calculative effects of the astronomical bodies on the earth in the form of livings' or nonlivings' lives individualy or collectively is astrology.

With the wider knowledge of this divine and scientific subject, one can calculate very precisely the past, present and future events of the individual or collective bodies.

As an astrologer based in Chandigarh and Panchkula, I believe that awareness of the benefits and usage of this subject can pave way for a better and progressive generation ahead. Major life decisions are taken in the ages of 20 to 30s. If correct astrological guidance about such major decisions is given, then losses of all kinds can be avoided and growth can be ensured.

As per astrology, the future is pre-destined....which is a very controvercial statement, because if it is true then what is the use of studying so many books, reading so many case studies and applying the science for a better life? Fact is that the statement is half true. The full truth is that, of course while the events are pre-destined, there are always astrological solutions and the option to choose the right path of karma to improve and to change the outcome of one's life. If astrology cannot change or improve our lives, then what is the meaning and usage of such a vast knowledge, calculations and proven researches depicted in our prestigious Vedas and Vedangas?

For example, one of our precious books is Karm Vipak Sanhita, which is all about one's past life karma and what he or she will get in this life. In the same book it is mentioned that what karma he or she should do to change the result. It is evident that one's karma or deeds can change one's destiny for the betterment or worse.

We astrologers are destined to convey the messages of astronomical bodies to whoever comes to us for help or guidance. In today's practical or easier words, we are destined to provide such sessions as we have been providing since a long time online via voice and video calls and offline, that is, face to face, at our office in Panchkula or Chandigarh.

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